Car crashes into Detroit home again! Second car crash in one month

car crash
Posted at 3:42 PM, Jul 31, 2021
and last updated 2021-08-02 05:34:38-04

DETROIT, MI (WXYZ) — “I just heard a boom,” said Tiffany Marshall.

She immediately knew what caused the loud bang.

“Here we go again,” she adds. Another car stuck in her home. Leaving bricks, glass and wood pieces all over her front porch and inside her basement.

The first crash happened on July 9th. Detroit Police say a blue SUV crashed into her home. Three people inside the car were taken to the hospital and another ran out.

On July 30th around 7 p.m. a woman driving a silver SUV struck her home, again.

“I hope she is okay because she was not moving,” Marshall said.

Police tell us the woman driving had a medical emergency and is expected to be okay.

“I was right there sitting in the window,” said Carlean McPherson.

car crash

Mrs. McPherson witnessed both crashes. She said it’s nothing new. She’s lived in the neighborhood for over 60 years.

“We have had three accidents right into this house,” McPherson said.

Like other areas in the city, she says speeding is a concern.

“We have a problem out here with the cars. At night there are times we can hardly sleep,” she says.

This is a problem the city of Detroit is currently working on. Crews are installing 4,500 speed bumps in neighborhoods like this one.

On this interactive map you can see there will be one on Shoemaker which is a couple streets away from Marshall’s intersection.

Shoemaker and McClellan are both not eligible for speed humps because they are major roads, not residential side streets.

“Bearings! We need bearings to protect these residents. It’s sad. There is too much going on here,” Marshall said.

Seven Action News reached out to the city on behalf of Marshall to see if there is anything else that can be done.

A spokesperson tells us engineers will look at this “T-Intersection to evaluate for any possible guard rail install.”

“There's a possibility the whole foundation is messed up now,” Marshall said.

Everyone she lives with is safe, but she’s having second thoughts about her home.

“We want to move. Its terrifying just hearing the car skrrr. I’m scared." Marshall said. "I’m so paranoid. I’m sitting in the kitchen like please, slow down, slow down.”