Lansing Promise

Lansing Promise
Lansing Promise
Lansing Promise
Posted at 5:47 PM, Feb 23, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-23 17:48:08-05

The Lansing Promise has a simple goal, to ensure that every child in the city of Lansing has access to secondary education.  Over the last 4 years, funds from community-minded donors and socially minded investors have transformed the lives of over 425 Lansing kids, Promise Scholars and in many ways, they’ve just gotten started.

Promise donors and investors have made the future of Lansing brighter, and have given hope of an education and career to students who may not have otherwise set foot on a college campus. Because of this groundswell of community support, students are able to pursue their dreams and ultimately change the trajectory of their lives.

Over the next months, years, and decades, they anticipate a steady and increasing return on collective investments through increased graduation rates, increased college and career attainment, a growing college and career ready culture, and ultimately a more educated workforce.

2016 will usher in a new year of dreams held by a new class of Promise Scholars. To ensure that our Promise Scholars have the tools they need to succeed, they will ramp up formal partnerships to address college readiness, working with the Lansing School District, Lansing Community College, Michigan State University, and some exceptional organizations across the city.

For those Promise Scholars already in college or on their way, they will identify and begin to implement needed wrap around and comprehensive services for students.

The Lansing Promise is place-based scholarship program designed to transform the lives of students, families and the Lansing community. The Promise offers hope for Lansing's youth with the goal of building a well-educated, homegrown, vibrant, and prosperous community for generations to come. It inspires students to complete high school, sharpens focus on academic achievement, and provides a direct path to post-secondary educational opportunities. 

For more information contact Executive Director Justin M. Sheehan at (517) 203-5020 or visit their website: