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Lansing School District handing out iPads and Chromebooks to students

Posted at 3:23 PM, Aug 13, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-13 16:35:48-04

LANSING (WSYM) — Thousands of Lansing students are getting ready to go back to learning and this year they start with new computers.

The Lansing School District started handing out iPads and Chromebooks to families today. The district is handing out 7,000 devices over the next couple weeks so students can participate in classes online when they go back to learning August 31.

Delsa Chapman, Deputy Superintendent said, “We are committed to making sure every student has a device.”

Chapman says the district spent more than a million dollars making sure every student was able to partcitpate.

“We were fortunate enough to acquire funding through the federal CARES act program,” Chapman said. “Think about a device can range anywhere from $200 to $350.”

Distribution is based on grade level, starting with the younger students so they can get used to the technology before instruction begins.
Chapman said, “During those first few days of school, we will be not only teaching content, but also on boarding our students on how to be a successful virtual student.”

She says the district is also working to make sure families have internet connection this school year. Chapman added, “We are actually able to provide connection; It will be through screening, assisting families with hotspots.”

Preschool through 3rd grade will continue to pick up their devices tomorrow and Monday. August 24 through 28 will be for 4th grade through 12th.