3 colleges with the best financial aid across America

Posted at 6:14 PM, Aug 17, 2017
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The biggest concern most people have when it comes to college is the amount of debt they're about to rack up, but there is good news. Some schools are showing the love by showing you the money!  The Princeton Review has ranked the colleges with the best financial aid across America and Kristina Guerrero is highlighting three of the best schools.

1.  Stanford University

This top private school located in the heart of the Silicon Valley prides itself on being an institution that will educate you even if your family isn't wealthy. Most parents who make under $125 thousand a year don't have to contribute toward tuition at Stanford. This means students can get a peak education, without a mountain of debt. More than 75 percent of their undergrad graduates have no student loan debt at all.

2.  University of Wisconsin-Madison

Their undergrad in-state tuition is just over than $10,000 a year. That's a bargain-basement price for one of the top public universities in the country and you won't have to badger your relatives because most need based scholarships and grants cover it.

3.  Vanderbilt University

Opportunity Vanderbilt is the university's initiative to replace all need based loans with scholarships and grant assistance. They are committed to get students to graduate debt free. Since they've started this program loan debt has decreased by $8 million.

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