Artists, special needs students combine for new mural at Rochester College

Posted at 4:54 PM, Jan 27, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-27 18:58:28-05

A new mural on the campus of Rochester College is a collaborative effort of artists and community groups, including special needs students.

Artist Christine Gibson said, "The comment I hear all the time is 'this is so relaxing. It is therapeutic.'"

Christine won a mural contest last April that was hosted by Rochester College.

The school wants to cover a wall of their old gym that faces a high-traffic area along the Clinton River Trail.

Larry Stewart of Rochester College explained, "Just a plain black building and we decided a way to make that look better will be to put a mural on it."

Christine invited the public to help, she had volunteers from toddlers to senior citizens.

Groups of special needs students, like the ones from Rising Star Academy, are also helping paint.

A teacher said, "It's nice to try something a little bit out of our element and they are so detailed at everything and they are doing such a fantastic job."

Christine added, "The best part about this whole project really has been, not necessarily the painting of it but just the community that it has promoted."

The mural is being painted on 72 5x5 panels that will be placed on the building, wallpaper style.

Christine, who is a children's book illustrator, recruited her daughter to help.

Shannon Gibson said, "It's been a really fun project from start to finish and the final phase is to put it up on the wall."

That phase is set to begin May of this year.