'American Idol' auditions being held today in Detroit

Posted at 8:12 AM, Sep 05, 2019
and last updated 2019-09-10 17:54:54-04

Auditions for American Idol are happening right now in Detroit!

Aspiring singers can audition for the hit show today at TCF Center, formerly known as Cobo Center. Auditions start at 9 a.m.

We caught up with “Idol hopefuls” that started lining up around 3:00 a.m. That included Joel Cray — a 16-year-old from Elkhart, Indiana — who told 7 Action News that he knows nerves are going to happen, but that he’s been practicing for today’s audition.

“I’m a little nervous, but there’s nerves in any performance,” he said. “You’ve got to sing from the soul.”

His friend, Clayton Greer, was the first in line. They made the trip with an entire group after friends and family cheered them on. At the front of the line, his advice was pretty simple: “Don’t screw up,” said Greer with a chuckle.

There’s plenty of locals vying for a shot at a position on the show.

A year ago, it was Jacob Moran from Dansville, Michigan that wowed audiences and became one of the final 70 contestants. He was featured on the show, but failed to make the final stage of the show which includes live performances in Hollywood.

Rodney Haynes, a Detroiter, said he hopes to make it even further. His grandparents were in the choir and sang alongside Reverend James Cleveland. Later today, he’s hoping to wow the judges with Stevie Wonder’s hit-song ‘All I Do.’

“I’m not going to say I’ll scream like a girl, but…” Haynes trails off, laughing when asked how he’d react if he was sent to Hollywood. “Listen, you only live once. It’ll be a big moment for me and the rest of my family.”

You need to bring a photo of yourself and a valid form of identification. A parent or guardian is required for minors.

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