AAA sees a 141% more calls due to metro Detroit's cold weather

Posted at 6:27 PM, Dec 28, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-29 11:49:17-05

If your car breaks down, heads up, you could find yourself waiting for some time for a tow truck.  

Towing companies have crews working overtime to help numerous drivers with cars that can’t handle these frigid temperatures. 

7 Action News followed one AAA roadside service driver as he helped drivers out. AAA says it has seen a 141% increase in service calls this week. 

“It started Monday morning,” said Red Harajli, a AAA Roadside Service provider.

There were the normal calls, such as drivers simply running out of gas. Then there were the cold-weather calls. 

“A lot of weak batteries,” said Harajli of the calls he is getting.  “Anybody with an old battery that is older than three years, they been giving out on people.”
It happened to Willie Rush, who thank goodness was not in a rush. When he called for help he was warned, if he ended up needing a tow truck there would be a longer than normal wait. 

“They told me three to four hours. A three to four hour wait.  I’ve been waiting 45 minutes.  Not too bad,” said Rush.
He was hopeful Harajli could help him avoid that tow. Harajli hooked him up with a new battery  that got him back on the road. 

Taking a look at the numbers, AAA says its top three service call customer requests this week are battery problems, towing, and tiring problems.