911 call captures home invasion in Harrison Township

Wife calls for help as husband, intruder struggle
Posted at 10:29 PM, Mar 23, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-24 14:52:17-04

A dramatic 911 call captured a struggle between a man and an intruder during a home invasion Wednesday in Harrison Township.

A woman called for help while her husband struggled to pin down a man who had kicked in the door of their home on Chart Street.

911: Do you know who this person is?

Caller: No.

911: Did he break in?

Caller: Yes.911: (name) who's yelling?

Caller: My husbands's yelling. Where the (expletive) is everybody?

911: (name) I have everybody on the way.

911: Who has him on the ground?

Caller: My husband.

The husband was on his way to work and went outside to start his car. As he returned to the house, deputies said 34-year-old Eric Leon Niedzwiecki, also of Harrison Township, kicked in the door and forced his way into the home.

The woman, who 7 Action News is not identifying, made the call from a room upstairs while the two men struggled downstairs,

There were two children in the home as well, according to a statement from the Macomb County Sheriff's Department. 

As the struggle grew more violent, minutes seemed like hours for the woman on the phone.

911: (name) who's yelling?

Caller: My husband's yelling. Where the (expletive) is everybody?

911: (name) I have everybody on the way.

Deputies arrived with five minutes of the call for help. The husband suffered minor injuries.

Niedzweicki was arrested and is being held on $75,000 dollars bond.