4 things you need to know about Game of Thrones

Posted at 2:40 PM, Jul 14, 2017

Season 7 of George R. R.Martin’s Game of Thrones is almost here and you are either excited beyond words or super confused about all the hype. Either way, we are here to help get you ready. Kristina Guerrero has everything you need to know about this huge HBO series so you're prepared for upcoming episodes.

1.  Not for the Kids

The show features a ton of violence, barrels of blood and sexual content. We can't even show you much of any of it in this segment. Heck, even talking about it is a little too hot for regular TV.

2.  Very Popular

It’s HBO's most watched series of all time with 25 million people seeing each and every episode. It's won 38 Emmy awards, is shown in 170 countries and is illegally downloaded more times than any other show on the planet. And get this: more than 100,000 people tuned into a Facebook livestream of ice melting just to find out about this season's release date. Now that's dedication!

3.  So Many Characters

There are so many characters to keep track of. Here are some highlights from the 7 kingdoms so you can pretend you know who's who. There's the Lannister family including Jaime, Tyrion and the evil queen Cersei. Then there are the Stark’s with Sansa and Arya, and their warrior of a half brother Jon Snow. There's also Daenerys. She's the one who has those dragons that are the size of 747's. We can't forget the supernatural characters, The White Walkers. They're dead and they want everyone else that way, too.

4.  Not Done Yet

It's not ending until at least next year when the show's final season 8 is scheduled. Then come the spin-offs with five in the works. So don't plan on saying bye to this universe anytime soon.

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