4 real laws in America almost too crazy to believe

Posted at 3:08 PM, Jul 11, 2017

There are some strange laws in America that you probably have no idea about and you might even be breaking one them right now. Jared Cotter and Radix Law’s Jonathan Frutkin have four of the wackiest ones that will have you laughing and scratching your head.

1.  No Riding a Bike in a Pool in California

Biking enthusiasts better be on their guard because it is prohibited to ride a bike in a swimming pool. What they're really worried about is when the swimming pools were empty children started riding their bikes and skate boarding in the swimming pools.

2.  No Serving Wine in a Teacup in Kansas

Getting creative with your wineglasses is no go because serving wine in teacups in Topeka is forbidden. It's unclear why the law originated though there are rumor that there was some concern that children were sneaking wine in them.

3.  No Ice Cream Cone in Your Back Pocket in Alabama

A sweet treat needs to be front and center because down south because it's illegal to have an ice cream cone in your back pocket. While this may have us scratching our heads today, the origin has historical context that makes perfect sense. Horse thieves used to lead horses away with the strategically placed ice cream. They never had to lay their hands on them thereby not technically stealing the horses, but instead claiming they got lost.

4.  No Playing with Silly String in Connecticut

Since 1996 there has been a ban on silly string in the town of Southington, Connecticut. Obviously children are spraying it all over the place and it makes the worst mess so this law probably shouldn’t surprise any of us . The fine isn't silly because violators face a $99 fine!

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