3 Ways to Better Communicate with Your Dog

Posted at 2:07 PM, Oct 27, 2017

We love our dogs and they love us so of course they are trying to talk to us. Well, not talk, but communicate and they have their own special ways. Lindsey Granger and trainer Karen Harrel from Dynamic Dog Training AZ are showing you how to better communicate with our furry friends.

1. Happy Hound

A happy dog will sit up calmly and confident. A lot of people mistake a dog that is sitting down for sad or bored, but it's actually the opposite.

2. Anxious Pup

Some dogs can be a little insecure and will bark to communicate that. They might also move around a lot and even yawn when they're not tired. That's an attempt to calm themselves down.

3. Understanding Us

You want to use energy and body language to communicate with your dog. If you have a hyper dog then you need to be more calm and if you have a nervous dog then you need to be more confident.

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