3 unique ways to enjoy the wonderful avocado

Posted at 1:57 PM, Aug 02, 2017

The creamy green fruit called avocado is so popular that consumption has doubled in the last decade, but are you looking to go beyond the guacamole? Lindsey Granger and The Gladly Restaurant’s sous chef Donald Hawk are showing us a three awesome ways to use the wonderful avocado.

1.  Avocado Butter

Get some pureed avocado and then add sour cream and whipped buttermilk. Then add fresh lime juice, hot sauce, fresh chives and some olive oil, because olive oil. You can use it as a spread for anything you would use butter on.

2.  Avocado Dressing

You can use it as a garnish for so many things. It's great on salads, vegetables, meat and fish. Use a nice ceviche like dish with some raw black bass. Start with your pureed avocado base and add some sour cream. Try sesame vinaigrette, a little sesame oil and red wine mixed together and then add some lime juice. Then mix it up and it'll be a nice base for your fish. Top it off with radish, corn tortilla and peanuts.

3.  Deep-Fried Avocado

It's not as unhealthy as it sounds. It's a lot healthier than eating a deep-fried shrimp or deep-fried fish. First make the batter by mixing flour and carbonated water. Then, scoop out small pieces of your avocado with a spoon. Mix it up and then deep-fry the avocado. Think about serving that at your next party. It’s a real crowd pleaser.

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