3 Tips to Clean Up Your Image on Google Searches

Posted at 11:20 AM, Dec 22, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-22 14:48:47-05

If you're job hunting potential employers will Google you, and inappropriate dirt on social media will hurt your chances of getting the gig. Jimmy Rhoades has three tips for finding what's out there and how to clean up the mess.

1.  Google Yourself

92 percent of Google users don't look past the first page, so the idea is to push the bad stuff down to Page 2 or later. That can be tough -- companies pay big bucks to get on Page 1 results, but to even have a shot, create positive, new content -- a website, a blog, whatever -- and do whatever free or cheap search engine optimization you can to move it above the bad stuff.

2.  BrandYourself

This company offers paid services, but also a free DIY tool. You start by entering your name, then categorizing the search results as positive, negative or not you at all. This generates a reputation score which you can improve using their optimization tools.

3.  Scrubber

What kind of embarrassing things might be lurking way back in your social history? Enter Scrubber! Use this tool to find profanity, mentions of drugs or alcohol, even cheek-ins at strip clubs. They focus solely on the social media aspect of your digital history.

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