3 super-secret tips to discover discounts on eBay

Posted at 1:04 PM, Jul 13, 2017

Auctions have changed quite a bit over the years and now there’s no more trying to figure out when to raise that paddle or what those auctioneers are really saying. Along came eBay which allowed us to bid with just a few clicks, but bidding, even online, can still be intimidating. Kristina Guerrero is talking to eBay's general manager of deals, Jesse Keifer, to find out three super-secret ways to discover discounts.

1.  Price Match Guarantee

The eBay price match guarantee is a way for them to prove in the market that they indeed have the best prices out there. The price match guarantee is an opportunity for a price match, or a coupon that they would offer to a buyer if eBay isn’t the lowest price.

2.  Buying Options

You need to think as a buyer! Do you need something that is in new condition? You can save by looking at used and even refurbished items. eBay has warranties available with many of their products and those warranties are available at a much lower price than what you'd find at a traditional brick and mortar retailer. Of course all of eBay's purchases are protected by the eBay money back guarantee.

3.  Do Your Research

Look at shipping costs. They can sometimes be significant. Veteran buyers shop multiple listings at once. They’ll open up three or four listings that are the entire same item and compare that seller's listing price, refund policy and their feedback score.

If you're willing to do some more work you can go to sites like FatFingers that will search eBay for misspelled listings. Most of these have no bids because no one can find them.

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