3 Smart Tech Alarms That Help You Get Better Sleep

Posted at 8:45 PM, Dec 15, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-18 14:32:45-05

Waking up in the morning can be tough when you don't have the right alarm clock. You can forget to actually turn the thing; your cat can knock it off of your nightstand; or you could just be so tired, one morning, that you just throw it across the room out of anger - been there. That's why Jared Cotter's showing you 3 smart clocks that are sure to get your day started on the right side of the bed.

1. Bonjour

Having the Bonjour alarm clock is like having a personal assistant to wake you up with a smile. Connect it to your smartphone and it will carry over your scheduled appointments. So, if you have a meeting at 10 that you forgot about - thinking you can sleep in - Bonjour will remind you, so you can get out of bed on time. It'll also tell you the weather for the day and even let you know what traffic is like on the road to wherever your headed.

But, Bonjour doesn't just wake you up, it can also help you get to sleep, thanks to its relaxation programs and settings that help you get all the Z's you needz. It'll even keep connect to your Apple Watch or Fitbit to let you know how you can improve your sleep, too! Make your mornings easier by picking up the Bonjour alarm clock, here, for $169.

2. Mella

Perfect for kids that get fussy at bedtime, the Mella alarm clock is everything children - and parents - need for bed. The clock functions as a regular alarm clock, but also works as a nap timer, sleep sound machine and nightlight.

It even helps train kids to learn how to get better sleep by using cute facial expressions and bright colors to help kids learn when they should try to put their bodies to bed, and when it's okay to get up and start the day. Heck, the Mella alarm clock could be perfect for adults! Even big kids need nap time...Grab this smart - and cute! - alarm clock, here, for around $40.

3. Kello

If you're the type of person that loves to abuse that snooze button, Kello is the solution for you. A disciplinarian of snooze habits, the alarm clock only lets you hit the snooze button three times a week! It might seem a little harsh, but the Kello isn't all about strict sleeping rules.

It also helps you take better care of your body by training it to get you to sleep. The clock shows you various lights for you to pair your breaths to, and as you do, your body becomes more relaxed and more ready for sleep. And as you get used to using Kello for relaxation, your body will soon get more familiar with how to put itself to sleep - and do so more easily. Get this sleepy time trainer for your bedroom, here, for around $140.

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