3 next-level smart products for your home

Posted at 3:51 PM, Jul 20, 2017

You know that giants Amazon and Google are in the home hub space with the Echo Dot and Google Home, but there are some other major players in the connected home game. Jimmy Rhoades is rounding up a list of the top three new gadgets making your home smarter.

1.  WooHoo

This is a full IoT (Internet of Things) hub that has Zigby, Z-Wave, Raspberry, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and it even has a sim chip so you can make it cellular. WooHoo exceeded its funding goal and preorders are closed. Updates suggest they've entered the manufacturing phase, but no firm ship date yet.

2.  Wink

The Wink Hub 2 brings hundreds of products from trusted brands together into a simple, intuitive smart home experience. It consolidates all those smart device apps on your phone into a single Wink app. The Hub 2 goes for around $99.

3.  Samsung SmartThings

Wouldn't it be smart if your sprinkler knew in advance when rain was in the forecast and could shut itself off automatically? Well, it can! Samsung's SmartThings hub helps devices trade information and then makes smart decisions. It goes for around $79.

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