10-year-old raising money to help families who are losing homes to Fraser sinkhole

Posted at 5:03 PM, Jan 06, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-06 19:08:11-05

The sinkhole in Fraser is going to leave three families homeless.

When a ten-year-old girl heard that, she decided to create a fundraiser to help the affected homeowners. Peyton Kalka goes to school with some of the children who had to evacuate their homes.

One of her classmates told her he doesn't have a house to go back to because it is condemned.

"His mom went back and grabbed a few things. She had to be escorted, but at least she got to go back and grab pictures and stuff like that," she explained. "It was just really hard to hear and I felt bad for him."

Peyton couldn't "bottle" her emotions. She wants to help the three families of the condemned homes by collecting bottles and cans.

So far, she's raised more than $450.

"She was absolutely gung-ho, 'no way i really want to do this,'" said Suzanne Kalka, Peyton's mother.

Peyton added, "It's sad to see everything you worked hard for go down the drain."

Peyton put up fliers to spread the word.  She even created a catchy little slogan: "A small donation can make a big change."

There are four drop-off sites including the Fraser public school's maintenance building.

Peyton's mom hopes she learns a life lesson.

"Understanding the importance of community and understanding it takes a village and when people are down and out or something happens to them you don't turn the other way," Suzanne explained.

"These families are losing everything and this is a great way to help them," Peyton added. "So if you have bottles, please, if it's just one, two maybe a bag full it's fine."

The four drop off sites are:

  • St. Clair Shores Civic Center, 20000 Stephens St., St. Clair Shores, MI 
  • 2295 Metro Parkway, Suite 100, Sterling Heights, MI
  • Fraser Public Schools Maintenance Building, 33499 Klein Road,Fraser, MI
  • Fraser City Department of Public Works, 31250 Kendall Avenue, Fraser, MI