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Michigan State University invests in future of semiconductor industry

Posted at 9:51 AM, Aug 10, 2023
and last updated 2023-08-10 16:51:54-04

EAST LANSING — Michigan State University is continually on the cutting-edge with many industries, and now, it is working to take the future of semiconductors to a whole new level in Michigan.

“It’s very important for us to manufacture the semiconductors in the united states because we want to be leading this effort and we do not want to be dependent on other countries," Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at MSU Chair John Papapolymerou explained.

Semiconductors are in everything we use, and to become a global industry leader, it starts with bringing the manufacturing efforts back onshore to the United States.

“We want to develop the expertise to further advance the semiconductors and all of the products that depend on them,” stated Papapolymerou.

In an effort to develop that expertise, Michigan State University is focused on two ways to help mold future industry leaders.

“One would be the training of our workforce, our students, that would be both undergraduate and graduate students, and the other is the research we do that is part of that training,” asserted Papapolymerou.

Through working with the state of Michigan, the university plans to not only assist in expanding semiconductor companies here in our state but is also working to provide the talent that with help grow those companies.

Ultimately, the goal is that the talent will not only expand current industry businesses in Michigan but that future entrepreneurs will begin to create industry leading companies within the semiconductor field of work.