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Lansing Mayor 'preparing for the worst'

Posted at 10:29 PM, Jan 16, 2021

LANSING, Mich. — Lansing Mayor Andy Schor understands the threats facing the Capitol, as his office is currently getting updates from local police and national guard about the planned protests.

He says they're ready if things get out of hand.

“We’re hoping for the best, we’re hoping for a peaceful protest, we believe in First Amendment rights, but we’re preparing for the worst," Schor said.

Schor mentioned that Michigan is a pro-second amendment state, pointing out that every year there are armed protests at the Capitol.

“This year’s a little different because we’re concerned about what happened in D.C., and there’s chatter on both sides," Schor said. "There’s chatter that people should come and create mischief, and there’s chatter that some in the militia and others are being told to stay away because someone may infiltrate the group and cause violence.”

Aside from the fencing that's up around the Capitol, city hall is being guarded more as well right across the street, along with the Lansing Police Department.

“We have had conversations with business owners...the state buildings are being boarded up, and some business owners are boarding up their buildings," Schor said. "They don’t want the destruction; they don’t want broken glass and door and people getting in...and the cost to have to repair that so people are taking precautionary measures.”

Schor was mortified watching the riots in our nation's Capitol last week, calling it an assault on Democracy.

He was stunned to see so many people breach the building, as many members of congress who were in D.C. at the time are his friends.

“I was texting them, 'Hey, are you ok? Are you safe?' Congressman Dan Kildee was hiding in the gallery and it was shocking," Schor said. "It was something you’d never expect. There’s always people who are upset at the election of one party or another, but I’ve never seen a mob try to take it over and attack our democracy, so it was shocking.”

Mayor Schor said he'll help enforce the new rule that people cannot open carry in the Capitol, as that decision was recently passed by the Capitol Commission.

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