Little Caesars' new Pizza Portal will offer self-service Hot-N-Ready pizzas

Posted at 11:42 AM, Aug 07, 2017

The already quick pizza pickup of a Little Caesars Hot-N-Ready pizza is about to get even quicker.

According to USA Today, the company has launched the new Pizza Portal, which will let customers pick up their pizza without interacting with employees.

All you'll have to do is download the app to order and pay for your pizza. Then, you'll receive a 3-digit or QR code. You take that code to the store you ordered from, enter the numbers or scan the code, and a self-service hot box will open and give you your pizza, according to USA Today.

It's still in the testing stages, and is only available at certain locations in the Tucson, Arizona area. By 2018, they hope to have about 100 Pizza Portals up and running, USA Today reports.