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Find freedom from pelvic pain, a discussion with Dr. Bitner

Posted at 12:33 PM, Dec 11, 2019

Being a woman is a wonderful thing, unfortunately it doesn't come without some unfortunate medical issues like pelvic pain. Pelvis pain leads to so much discomfort and even embarrassing things like bladder leakage or urgency, but there's hope to find freedom from these symptoms.

Nationally recognized menopause specialist Dr. Diana Bitner stopped by to discuss ways women can find relief from this miserable condition.

Pain from pelvic floor muscle tension is often an under diagnosed reason for men and women’s pelvic pain. The pelvic floor muscles- which have three layers of several muscles in each layer- are often dysfunctional in people with bladder, bowel, or sexual dysfunction. They can be under-active, uncoordinated, overactive or nonfunctional.

When pelvic floor muscles are overactive the signs and symptoms a person might experience are:

  • Cardinal signs: problems with pee, poop, sex (or penetration for women, tampons, speculum ejaculation for men) and sitting
  • Dysfunction with emptying bladder and or bowel
  • Painful sitting
  • Pain with intimate activities

Conservative care can be an effective way to manage and treat pelvic floor muscle dysfunction. Specially trained physical and occupational therapists use a variety of approaches to address all of these symptoms and help sufferers find their way to recovery.

To set up an appointment with the Midlife, Menopause, and Sexual Health team at Spectrum Health, call (616)-267-8520. Their offices are located on the west side of Grand Rapids at 3800 Lake Michigan Drive North West in Suite A, and on the East Side of Grand Rapids at the Integrated Care Campus on East Beltline.