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Use these tips and save big on your next trip to Disney World

Posted at 5:23 AM, Nov 13, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-13 06:19:09-05

Cheryl Courson has become somewhat of a pro when it comes to packing for Disney World.

The Canton mom of three has planned visits to the park more than 20 times, enough for entrance ticket prices to have gone up over the years.

Just this year, a ticket at peak times increased from $139 to $159 each.

And because you can’t control those costs, 7 Action News is getting a crash course on how you can limit costs elsewhere.

Travel agent Nina Fabinski specializes in Disney vacations.

She says avoid holidays and hot travel times to save big. The best times to travel, she says, is late August early September.

Staying at a Disney resort has some perks – meal discounts, plus transportation to and from the airport – but if you choose to stay off resort, consider looking for a hotel with free breakfast because that’s a whole meal in itself.

As for lunch? Pack your own.

Disney allows a soft-sided cooler and water bottle fill ups, saving you at least $100 bucks a day.

Also, avoid a poncho purchase too. Instead, choose to buy them at a Dollar store, which could save you up to $20 a person.

When it comes to tickets, consider skipping the park hopper pass. Fabinski says for most families with small children, it's really unnecessary, even the hopping experience can be draining for a child.

Go without it and save at least $60 a person.

When it comes to souvenirs, every kid’s gotta have those Mickey ears. If you buy them at the park, it’s going to run you $30 dollars, but get them beforehand, and spend just $5 to $10 bucks.

Do the same when it comes to those hot item toys and even consider wrapping them up if you wanted to and placing them at the bottom of your backpack. Then reveal them to your children inside the park, that way you can keep those little Disney fanatics happy without breaking the bank.