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Is the new iPhone 12 with 5G worth the upgrade?

Is the new iPhone 12 with 5G worth the upgrade?
Posted at 8:23 AM, Oct 20, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-20 08:23:28-04

Apple's big announcement about the iPhone 12 is generating more buzz than other recent models since it will be the first iPhone with 5G.

But is it worth buying? Or should you stick with an older model?

No flashy apple announcement this pandemic year.

No big crowds at the apple store.

However, Apple is still expected to sell tens of millions of the new iPhone 12 starting in late October.

The Washington Post, though, says most people don't need an iPhone 12 because 5G networks remain limited and far apart, meaning most people will still be using 4G LTE.

Brand new phones are also never cheap.

The cheapest new iPhone12 is the mini for $700.

The standard iPhone 12 will cost $800, and the iPhone 12 Pro — with Apple’s best camera ever — is $1,000.

And from the ‘doesn't that stink’ file, there is a lack of big discounts on new phones these days.

Remember when an iPhone was almost free with a 2-year contract?

Most providers will still sell you one with no upfront charge, but you may pay $25 or $30 a month for years.

If you want a cheaper upgrade, the Washington Post recommends last year's iPhone 11. It’s currently $600, and those prices could drop further soon.

If 5G and the latest tech is important to you, buy it.

But if you can wait a few weeks, you should find some good deals on Black Friday, so you don’t waste your money.