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Here's what you should buy in August, and here's what you should wait to buy

Posted at 8:20 AM, Jul 30, 2019

August will be here soon enough and you might have a list of things to buy. There are some deals to look into while some items are better to buy some other time.

With summer starting to wind down, you might find some different sales in August, including wine.

Danny Foumia of Park Place Fine Wine & Liquor in Southfield said, “With seasons changing, the vineyards want to move more products so prices drop.”

Because harvest seasons begin late August for most Northern Hemisphere vineyards, consumer experts say some retailers offer discounts to make room for newer vintages.

“A good deal on a product is better than no deal.”

So what should you buy in August? According to , look for deals on outdoor seasonal products, like patio furniture.

It’s also a good time to buy summer clothes, which is great if we have warmer temps in September and October.

If you’re looking for fall clothes, hold off because experts say you might find it cheaper late October.

You’ll find sales on laptops which would be good to find if you can’t wait for even better deals on Black Friday.

Don’t forget about all the back-to-school, though you might find even better deals closer to Labor Day. says you won’t find deals on TVs and skip buying an iPhone, you might find them cheaper in September.

Another thing to hold off on, buying home appliances. Wait for Labor Day sales to get a deal.