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Meet Marley, The Cat Who Looks Like He Hates Mondays

Meet Marley, The Cat Who Looks Like He Hates Mondays
Posted at 9:00 AM, May 07, 2020

In 2019, cat and meme lovers everywhere mourned when Tardar Sauce, better known as Grumpy Cat, passed away. But it seems Mother Nature has a sense of humor and has blessed the internet with a new sourpuss known as Marley.

Marley Katz is a 13-year-old ginger tabby who was born with RGF (resting grump face). His expressions range from disappointed to annoyed to over it, but he is always just plain adorable.

According to a defunct Twitter feed, Marley lives with his human parents and adopted brother, Sherman, a slightly cross-eyed flame point siamese, in Los Angeles. Marley and Sherman share an Instagram account that is sure to beat your Monday blues. Whether with his sibling or on his own, Marley was born for internet stardom with the totally relatable looks he gives.

Oh, Hey, Yeah, I’m So Happy to See You

Imagine walking through the door to be greeted with this face. Marley could make you feel like you ruined a perfectly good cat nap.

“I see through your soul,” reads the post.

What Do You Mean, Self-Quarantine?

Slightly worried, confused and annoyed all in a single expression.

“The mood of humans all over the world right now,” reads this post, and we would have to agree wholeheartedly.

Mom Just Bought a Case of My Favorite Wet Food, So Now I Have to Hate It

There is a tinge of sadness in this grumpy expression, which reads, “On Mondays we grump.” Perhaps his catnip delivery was running late?

You Ever Just Feel ‘Blah’ but You Don’t Know Why?

Marley understands. Although this post says he was caught in “blep mode,” we think this handsome guy is a whole mood.

That Face When Mom Goes Out of Town

He might look grumpy but, judging by this expression, we think it’s safe to say Marley loves his “hoomans.”

“Extra grumpy today to show mother my displeasure when she goes away for a week,” reads this post.

Feline Feelings Chart

We think this should replace the pain scale at doctors’ offices.

“On the Marley scale of moods. Which mood are you?” reads the post.

With one being “blep” and nine being “Are you kidding me right now,” how are you feeling? Hopefully a little happier just from seeing this charmingly grump-faced kitty.

Which is your favorite photo of Marley?

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