The haunting of Mid-Michigan's Seven Gables Road

Posted at 7:33 AM, Nov 02, 2017

The Seven Gables Road haunting is one of Mid-Michigan's most famous urban legends.

The story goes, a long time ago a witch cursed the land and anyone that ever entered the area. The legend continues to say that a man who owned the house on Seven Gables Road killed his entire family, burned himself, and the house down.

FOX 47's Marcus Dash investigated the area and interviewed a local ghost hunter about the haunting of Seven Gables.

The consensus from all of the ghost hunters in the area is that the haunting is a hoax. There are news clippings of the house being sold numerous times throughout the years. It was demolished in 1973, indicating that it never burned down.

Local ghost hunters say the story is a hoax, but do admit the area has a lot of paranormal activity.

Gary Gierke of the Michigan Area Paranormal Society says, they have seen spirits of Native Americans and many other things on the Seven Gables land.

They claim that the area is safe for people to go and explore, as the spirits that exist on the land are not bad.