Top 3 freaky-fun haunted attractions across America

Posted at 4:56 PM, Jul 26, 2017

Currently in Nashville, Tennessee, neighbors and county officials are not happy that an extreme haunted house has opened in their town. Let's just say it's too scary and even the police have been called. Kristina Guerrero found more family friendly haunted attractions that won't have you dialing 911, across America.

1. Zombie Run in Perry, Georgia

Right Before Halloween On Oct. 29, 2017

This zombie infested 5K run pits runners not against the clock, but against brain craving, virus spewing walking dead. Runners wear flag football type belts that represent their "health" during the race. The goal is to avoid having all of your flags taken. If you lose all your flags you get an "infected" medal at the end. Finish with a flag and you receive a "survivor" medal.

2. Scarefest Scream Park in Lenox, Michigan

On Sept. 9 & Sept. 16, 2017

Campers have access to the attractions at the park and also go on a terror filled scavenger hunt to find and collect a bunch of items necessary to survive the night. Gather your survival gear like a tent, sleeping bag and flashlight, and see if you have what it takes to survive the night.

3. NYZ Apocalypse in Deer Park, New York

Open All Year

This immersive live action theatrical production takes place in a fictional top secret prison system that has been overrun by hordes of the undead. Armed with a gas recoil laser weapon, your group will fight back zombies and interact with guards and personnel as you make your way through the prison. Good luck!

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