Great Deals! The 3 best things to buy in July

Posted at 1:41 PM, Jun 29, 2017

July is all about hot dogs, fireworks and America. There's no better way to celebrate this great, capitalist nation than saving money. There's always a good time to buy and July's a good time to buy and save some money. Jimmy Rhoades and Rather Be Shopping’s Kyle James have more on how you can save big this patriotic month.

1.  Furniture

Stores need to clear some space. They get a lot of new inventory coming in late July, early August, so what they're trying to do is make room for that, and so they're willing to let go some of last season's inventory, at up to 60 percent off with zero percent financing.

2.  Laptop

Don't wait for back to school sales to purchase. The discounts on laptops aren't as good in August as they are in July because come August, they can smell your fear. Retailers realize that you're under that crunch to buy that new laptop before school starts.

3.  Wireless Carrier

If you're looking for a new wireless carrier then you should check this out. Up until July 31 Virgin Mobile is offering a special where you can pay a dollar for one year worth of data and after your year is up they actually give you a six-month extension for the same price. That's 18 months of data for two bucks! What's the fine print? A couple caveats are that it's an iPhone-only plan and once you get to 23 gigabytes of data they tend to throttle it back a little bit.

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