Fab or Fail: 3 Pool Noodle Hacks You Need to Try

Posted at 4:59 PM, Jul 29, 2016

Summer is still going strong and you've probably been spending some time in the pool cooling down, but your Facebook feeds are just heating up with videos of fun hacks with pool toys. Jimmy Rhoades is testing three videos that have pool noodle hacks to see if they're fabulous, or a big fail.

1.  Pool Noodle Lightsabers

Pick your pool noodle color, cut it in half, then wrap the bottom in our silver duck tape. Once you've finished the handle, add some black stripes around the top, and two small strips for the buttons. Now you’re ready to take on the "Dark Side" using "The Force" of a Jedi!

2.  Pool Noodle Racquet

You'll need two pool noodles, scissors, tape, pantyhose, and a ball or balloon. Just cut a chunk off each end of the noodle, and tape the end of your racket, and then cut a leg off the pantyhose. Now, stretch the hose over the racket and tie off. Time to serve up some serious fun!

3.  Pool Noodle Party Cooler

Grab a noodle, and measure it on the side. Chop your noodle to fit on all four sides of the bucket. Now, just take a strong rope, string it through and tie it off. Cheers!

The force is strong this summer, thanks to these three cool pool noodle hacks!

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