Don't Buy an RV, Boat or Campsite for a Trip - Airbnb It!

Posted at 2:35 PM, Jul 19, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-21 14:55:16-04

Airbnb has become the go to app for a lot people looking for places to stay: it saves money and it connects you to real people willing to give you a place you'll like. But did you know there are other people-to-people businesses that could be saving you money on traveling fun, whatever your interest? Jimmy Rhoades has 3 services helping you make memories this summer for less.

1. Need A Boat?

You've got one with GetMyBoat. A lot of boat owners don't use their boats most of the year, so, like Airbnb, they put their water rides up on the site for you to rent, directly from them. Just enter a location and time and you'll find the boat of your dreams (that you'll eventually have to give back).

2. Need an RV?

Try using Outdoorsy or RVShare to connect with people renting their RVs. Or if you've got an RV of your own parked in the driveway, the sites allow you to make some cash by renting out your own ride. Now you can hit the road without taking a huge hit to the wallet.

3. Need a campsite?

Check out LandApart or HipCamp. Public campsites can be a hassle to get to and maneuver so if you'd like a more private palce to stay, these apps can connect you to people that own lots near your destination and get you a place to stay; no bathroom sharing with strangers involved.

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