3 great New American restaurants across America

Posted at 5:50 PM, Aug 09, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-10 11:10:55-04

Burgers, steak and mac & cheese are some of the good old fashioned American foods that we grew up with. Today many of our favorites are getting a makeover to appeal to our modern taste for lighter cooking. Kristina Guerrero has three of her favorite eateries across America offering yummy tradition with a twist.

1. TapHouse Kitchen in Scottsdale, Arizona

Foodies flock to this hot spot where chef Patrick Markis uses only the best  local ingredients for his unique New American dishes. You’ve got to try his famous homemade goat cheese!

2. Cured in San Antonio, Texas

You'll find meat lovers paradise at this New American spot. Chef Steve McHugh is always in search of the best stock from local farms. To compliment the meat selections he adds locally grown produce from the weekly farmers market. Healthy and delicious!

3.  Ulele in Tampa, Florida

At this fun spot you'll find New American cuisine that celebrates the Native American heritage. They have been working with families that have been in the area since the early 1900s. This earth to table model includes American tradition with updated interpretations including fish served with combination of rices. Owner Richard Gonzmart has created his dream restaurant and a place a Native American princess who once lived on the shores there would be proud to call home.

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