3 cool gardening gadgets making your thumb greener

Posted at 6:15 PM, Jul 25, 2017

Plants can be tricky to keep alive, but luckily there are some cool new products to help make your thumb a little bit greener. Kristina Guerrero has three growing options that promise perky plants, fresh air, all without a ton of maintenance.

1. Tertill

This one is from the creator of the Roomba. It’s a robot that kills weeds. Every day it charges itself in the sun and when it has enough energy it goes patrolling for weeds. When it finds one it uses its wheels and spinning nylon string to destroy them. The Bluetooth connected device was successfully funded on Indiegogo and is now available to preorder for around $250.

2. Clairy

This is a ceramic plant pot designed to purify the air in your home. Basically it sucks the musty old air through the plants leaves and soil so when it comes out the side the air should be fresh and clean. It filters 93 percent of toxic agents, it's very silent and has a low energy consumption You can preorder it on Indiegogo for around $180.

3. Natural Balance

This is a self-watering flower pot that's a little tipsy. Basically Natural Balance tips over once its water reservoir is empty to let you know it needs refilling. Made from high quality ceramics and available in cool gray, mint green and pastel pink, they are available for around $47.

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