Margaret Cahill

Margaret Cahill

Multimedia Journalist, and Producer

Hello, Lansing!

I’m Margaret Cahill, a multimedia journalist, and producer for Fox 47 News. I can’t pinpoint when my love for news began; but it drove me from my hometown right outside of Chicago to Marquette University in Milwaukee, where I studied journalism and political science. At Marquette, I worked intensively in student media for both the school newspaper and student broadcast news station. My multimedia interest never stopped, and throughout the past few years, I’ve worked in both print and broadcast outlets.

Now, my storytelling passion has brought me here! Lansing, I am so excited to learn from you and about you. And of course, tell your stories along the way!

I believe in the importance of quality journalism and the impact it has on society and want to do my best to deliver this public service.

If you see me around, don’t hesitate to say hi! And if you have a story idea, send it my way at

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