Lynn Dziedzic

Lynn Dziedzic

General Sales Manager

Lynn joined FOX 47 in 2016, from NewsCorp, drawn by the opportunity to get back to the local sales side of media. She lives in Highland with her husband, their 2 kids and their dog, Daisy.

1) Your key to success is?
Lynn's key to success is making sure that our partner advertisers success comes first through honesty, integrity and transparency.

2) What do you love most about your work?
The best part of being the Director of Sales is being able to say that our workplace is not just a workplace but a home, where we are all family.

3) Best Piece of Advice you've ever been given
The best piece of advice that she's ever given is advice that her father gave to her when she just entered the workforce: Work hard. If you feel like you're done, just do a little more. And make sure that you do it with the same passion that you started with.

4) What motivates you?
Lynn's biggest motivation is being the best role model for her children, both personally and professionally. She wants to be a person that they can be proud of every single day.

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