Tips on Tipping this Holiday Season

Posted: 10:14 AM, Dec 16, 2015
Updated: 2015-12-16 10:14:38-05

It's the season of giving, and also of greasing.   Everyone from your trash collector to your hair stylist has their hand out and it can be tough to keep tabs on who to tip and how much.  Don’t worry… we’ve got the answers.

  1. The Teacher

A gift card is recommended. 

Some schools may have certain policies when it comes to holidays gifts so to be the principal.

  1. The Hair Stylist

There are several opinions regarding how much you should tip your stylist during the holidays.

Some suggest the cost of your service while others suggest tipping an extra twenty-five to one hundred dollars.

  1. The Trash Collector

Etiquette expert, Linda Hill, says to give them an extra twenty dollars.

  1. The Mail Carrier

Since they are not allowed to accept cash, get them a gift card under twenty-five dollars.

  1. The Dog Walker

Tip them one week’s salary.

That's The List's with Jimmy Rhoades on What's The Deal.