Pringles unveils turducken-flavored chips for an even crispier Thanksgiving feast

Posted at 1:53 PM, Nov 06, 2019

Put down the turkey baster. Empty your cabinets of cranberry sauce. While you're at it, just forgo cooking entirely and stuff your cornucopia full of chips.

Pringles has unveiled a seasonal food-flavored chip feast, and it's poised to replace the whole Thanksgiving spread.

Two words: Turducken . Pringles.

No, no, it isn't a chicken chip stuffed inside of a duck chip crammed inside of a turkey chip. There are three individual flavors, so it's up to the snacker to determine the order.

Pringles Frankenfood-ed a preexisting Frankenfood! Is there a line? If so, does this cross it?

That's not all: In an concept seemingly swiped from Willy Wonka, Pringles made chips to replace Thanksgiving's signature side dishes. There are cranberry sauce-flavored chips. Stuffing chips. Pumpkin pie chips.

Yep, we get pumpkin spice Pringles now, too.

They're all part of Pringles' "Friendsgiving Feast Turducken Kit," but what kind of friend would you be offering guests who expected a hearty meal a bowl of meat-flavored chips instead?

For the brave of spirit and stomach, the kit goes on sale Thursday in the Kellogg's online store.

For just $15.99, you can taste for yourself whether the chips are an offense to Thanksgiving or Pringles is just ahead of its time.