Nike released a shoe for 'everyday heroes' like doctors, nurses and home health aides

Posted at 3:06 PM, Nov 15, 2019

Nike's new shoe was not created for athletes such as basketball players or tennis players, but for a different crowd -- medical workers.

Nike Air Zoom Pulse is an athletic shoe designed for those in the medical profession. Nike said in a news release that they had "everyday heroes" specifically in mind.

The company went to OHSU Doernbecher Children's Hospital in Portland, Oregon, to study those in the profession. They took into account the challenges of those on the job-- including long hours on their feet and liquid spills -- and the comfort needed for long shifts.

The shoe is designed like a clog, an industry favorite, but is just made more athletic, Nike said. "The fit, cushioning and traction systems work together to secure the foot in all hospital conditions."

The shoe has a laceless upper and an elastic strap keeps the heel securely contained. Nike said this makes the shoe easy to get on with one hand. It has a durable, full-rubber outsole with a sole that provides traction even when liquid or water is present.