Nashville musician gets $10K tip while performing on Broadway

Posted at 10:01 AM, Nov 22, 2019

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Musicians across the nation flock to Nashville for their chance to make it big in the industry. One of those aspiring hit-makers made an incredible discovery last week.

Morgan Clark says she had just performed at the Holiday Inn Express on Broadway and was tearing down her equipment when she noticed a check in her guitar case — and it was worth $10,000.

“At first I thought it was a joke that someone was playing on me but, when I looked closer, I realized that the check appeared to be real. As I turned around and looked back at my audience, a gentleman sitting at the back of the room stood up and headed towards me," she said. "When he identified himself as the person who put the check in my guitar case, I was speechless. He insisted on remaining completely anonymous and simply said: ‘I love your music, I love your voice and the way you entertain … and I just want you to do me one favor … Don’t ever lose your innocence.’”

Clark moved to Nashville five years ago from New Hampshire. She had been a “hard-core ski-racing coach,” but a fall ended her dream of becoming an Olympian. She moved to Music City to pursue her “first love.”

It just goes to show that anything can happen in Music City.

This story was originally published by Laken Bowles on WTVF in Nashville.