Starbucks Barista Shares 3 Valentine's Day Fraps

Posted at 5:37 PM, Jan 12, 2016

A Tucson, Arizona Starbucks barista Tony Aguilar and his coworkers came up with 3 Valentine Frappuccinos that will have you feeling the love. To order you will have to give the recipe to your local barista. The List'sJimmy Rhoades has that and the top talkers, Across America.

1. Puppy Bowl Gets an Upgrade

While preparations are underway at Levis' Stadium in Santa Clara for Super Bowl 50, our eyes are on the upgraded Puppy Bowl. This year, you can get the full experience with virtual reality!

2. Starbucks Barista is Feelin' the Love

Here are some sweet Valentine's Day Frap recipes.

1. Valentine Frappuccino

courtesy Imgur: frickintony

Triple layer of delight:

Top: Blackberry

Middle: Vanilla bean

Bottom: Strawberries and crème with pumps of raspberry


2. Love Bean Frappuccino

courtesy Imgur: frickintony

Vanilla Bean with pumps of raspberry and top with raspberry infused whip and chocolate curls.


3. Java Berry Frappuccino

courtesy Imgur: frickintony

Java Chip Frappuccino topped with raspberry infused whip.

3. The North American International Auto Show

Ford Fusion now comes with pot hole protection. Never hit a tough bump again, this car senses pot holes in the road and adjusts accordingly. There are also some flashy new car colors inspired by the fashion industry.