5 Fun Ways to Enjoy "A Christmas Story"

Posted at 6:24 PM, Dec 21, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-22 08:09:19-05

The love people have for “A Christmas Story” is just as strong as it was back when the holiday film (based on the 1966 short story by Jean Shepherd) premiered on the big screen in 1983. Here are five fresh ways to take your love of the holiday flick to the next level!

1. Visit the “A Christmas Story” House in Cleveland, Ohio

Feel like you’re stepping into the movie by visiting the actual “A Christmas Story” house where the movie was filmed! After touring through the house, head across the street to the “A Christmas Story” House Museum, filled with props, costumes and memorabilia from the film.

Not satisfied with just a tour? You can even stay the night, with bookings beginning at $395 per night. If you plan to enjoy Christmas Eve and Day at the Parker household, it’ll run you $1,995. That’s about how much you spend on Christmas presents anyway, right?

2. Purchase Your Very Own Leg Lamp!

Light up your home with some movie memorabilia by purchasing your own Leg Lamp on Amazon! For around $160, this lamp is for serious fans only!

In fact, head to to browse through hundreds of items inspired by “A Christmas Story,” including a an exact replica of the bunny suit featured in the film. Perfect for humiliating your kids on Christmas morning! 

3. Watch the TV Musical!

“A Christmas Story: Live!” recently aired on FOX, with an all-star cast of Maya Rudolph, Jane Krakowski and Matthew Broderick belting out tunes inspired by the original film. But if you missed the original airing or want to rewatch the fun, head to to view the family-friendly musical again and again!

4. Time for a TV Marathon!

Grab a jug of Ovaltine, cuddle up in your bunny PJs and get comfy on the couch for a marathon session of this holiday classic! TBS continues its annual tradition of airing “A Christmas Story” for 24 hours straight, beginning 8 P.M. on Christmas Eve all the way through December 25th.

5. Purchase Ralphie’s Beloved BB Gun!

You can pick up your own genuine Daisy Red Ryder BB Gun at Dicks Sporting Goods. For around $35, it’s a pretty good deal – just be careful, or you’ll shoot your eye out!

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