4 Simple Rules for Getting Away with Regifting

Posted at 11:38 AM, Dec 06, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-06 11:51:45-05

We've all been there - wrapping gifts for friends and family, when you remember that you forgot to get a gift for someone special. You think quickly and remember that, last year, you got a gift that you definitely didn't want, then think, "Perfect! I'll just regift!" But, before you scratch your name off the tag for someone else's, check out etiquette expert, Miss Lora's rules for regifting - so you don't get caught in the act.

1. Some Gifts Just Stink

While a lot of presents can be regifted, there are some gifts that should just be retired, for good. If you really didn't like a particular gift, don't try to spread more of the same and the lame. It's okay to donate a gift you didn't like, or, to toss out treats you didn't like.

If you feel bad about it, remember, it was the thought that counts. Gift givers like to know that you appreciated their effort. But, that doesn't mean you have to appreciate the bad gift that came with that effort.

2. Mark Your Re-Gifts

If you've unwrapped a gift and realized you'd rather pass it off to a friend, put a Post-It note on it with the gift giver's name and the date on it before putting it away for later. This way, when you go to that box to regift something for someone, you know when you got it, and most importantly, who you got it from, which prevents you from accidentally giving it back to the person that gave it to you.

3. Be Smart About Your Sharing

Along with making sure you don't give a gift back to someone who gave it to you, be careful about regifting to people that know where your gift came from. If you're regifting a bracelet that Aunt Mary gave you last Christmas - and you know she'll be in the room for gift unwrapping this Christmas - don't regift that bracelet to someone who's likely to show Aunt Mary.

This also is important for groups of friends - if a friend gave you a pair of socks you aren't into, make sure you don't regift those socks to someone who'll see that first friend later on, or else you might have some explaining to do.

4. Speak for Yourself

Most importantly, when it comes to gifts, don't be afraid to tell people what you want to receive. You might think it's rude, but Miss Lora says you're actually giving people a hand when it comes to shopping for you. Instead of looking for gifts they'll hope you like, they'll know that their gift is a sure thing you'll love.

If you still feel funny about telling someone to buy you a specific thing, add a little mystery for yourself by giving people 3 or 4 things you'd want to receive. That way, you still get to be surprised by your present, because you won't know which gift they actually decided to get - but you do know that you're going to like it.

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