Thom Filicia gives tips on how to cozy up your home now that holiday decor is down

Posted at 3:40 PM, Jan 14, 2021

The holiday decorations have been taken down and now your home might be looking a little blah.

Interior design expert Thom Filicia has ways we can cozy up our spaces by keeping things simple. He says make a move with items you already have at home.

“Really sort of play with the things you have,” said Filicia. “Move them around, play with them, reinspire them, be reinspired by the existing pieces. It's a really wonderful way to sort of exercise decorating, really sort of having fun with the things you have and being able to see them in a new perspective, in a new light.”

It's also a great way to freshen things up without spending more money.

If you are fortunate to have some decorating money in the budget, Filicia says to focus on your anchor pieces to build around, like the bed in the bedroom or even the living room rug.

“It's the piece that you love, the piece that inspires the rest of the room,” said Filicia. “It might be that pop of color. It could be that comfortable sofa you've always wanted. It could be the dining table, the light fixture over the dining table. It really becomes that springboard that sort of tells everything else what it needs to be.”

Finally, he says now is the time to take a chance. Be brave with your decorating choices, instead of going the safe route.

“Inject your personality,” said Filicia. “Have your space tell your story. Have the confidence that when people walk into your room, they know who you are, what your point of view is, where you've been, where you are and where you're going, and have fun with it.”

He says whether it's mixing patterns or putting up wallpaper, whatever your decorating choice, if you love it, it's perfect.