Crazy New Gadgets You Can Control with Your Mind

Posted at 4:55 PM, Jan 08, 2016

Some clever folks have developed ways to use the power of your mind to move toy helicopters, cars, even prosthetic limbs! The List’s Bradley Hasemeyer is taking a closer look, on the Futurist.


1.  Emotive

Their neural headset called INSIGHT is the first generation in its line. Like a fit bit for your brain -- it captures and displays brain waves which helps you optimize cognitive performance, track mental health and fitness. Not only that but many people are using the INSIGHT to develop radical new applications like children animating with thought, done, creating music with your bean, easy. Or rehabilitating a patient by giving them the ability to type or control their wheel chair, truly remarkable.


2.  The Puzzlebox Orbit

This brain controlled helicopter uses another headset called the NeuroSky Mindwave EEG and something called a Pyramid Remote. Signals are sent to the pyramid, and then translated into commands which are then relayed to the helicopter. Combining the fun of a toy with learning, makes this kit (which costs $189.00) a smart idea for any little Einstein.


3.  Mind Controlled Prosthetic Arm

Recently The New York Times looked at a robotic prosthetic arm created by engineers at Johns Hopkins. The Mind Meld isn’t made by a headset.