4 ways to save money hitting the slopes

Posted: 4:55 PM, Jan 28, 2016
Updated: 2016-01-29 11:41:49-05

The silver lining of winter storms -- inches of powdery snow for skiing and snowboarding! Unfortunately, the high cost of renting or buying gear at the slopes (especially for first-timers) can crush any dreams of whisking through pine trees on a white forest carpet. Luckily, there are easy ways to save like a pro, even for those still hitting the bunny slope.


1. Buy Lift Tickets Online


Sites like are like the Expedia of the lift world, and it’s reported that users can save up to 80 percent! Another option is a multi-mountain pass. These are “packaged” passes, where a lump sum is paid in advance for access to a group of mountains.


2. Rent Gear Before You Get To The Mountain

The List’s Bradley Hasemeyer spoke with a member of outdoor sports gear and apparel retailer Ski Pro, and learned that renting gear like: boards, skis, jackets and bibs away from the mountain can offer savings between 30 and 50 percent! There are also sites like GetOutfitted, that allow customers to choose their gear online and have it delivered to their chosen destination. For travelers, that means foregoing the bulky luggage!


3. Go Off The Beaten Path

Trendy ski towns are expensive! Heading to smaller, more secret mountains like Solitude in Utah and Mad River Glen in Vermont can reportedly offer 20 - 60 percent in savings, when compared to their high-rolling competitors.


4. Know When To Go

For patient powder-fiends, the end of snow season is the cheapest time to go. But, if the fear of arriving to a mountain of slush isn’t worth the risk, go mid-week for more savings and shorter lines.


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