4 Trends That Need to Go Away in 2016

Posted: 6:59 PM, Jan 04, 2016
Updated: 2016-01-05 09:52:18-05

2015 you were so last year and that includes some of your trends. The List’s Teresa Strasser counts down the ones that need to go.

4. Excessive hashtags

Yes we know your dog is cute but you don’t need all those hashtags to prove it. How many is too many? Hard to say but one place you may want to keep them off of…Facebook.


3. Glitter Everything

Glitter roots, glitter beards, glitter nails...the sparkly craze has gone too far! The only place that should have a twinkle is your eyes. Unless you're the age of 5 leave it at home.


2. Man Buns

It has become so popular it even has its own day, #manbunmondays, and The List covered its history. But this trend is dead and a new one has evolved, man braids.



1. The Nae Nae

Silento got everyone whipping and doing the Nae Nae including grandmas on Buzzfeed, The List’s Teresa Strasser, and the girls from Full House  and Fuller House. But the internet has become overloaded with parodies and has become “stanky”.


Say good bye to the trends of 2015 on the Breakdown.