4 Laundry Hacks to Make Cleaning Clothes Easier

Posted at 4:25 PM, Jan 15, 2016

Dirty laundry is a stain on our chore list and the dirtiest little secret of all is the way your washing it could be all wrong!  But don’t fret The List’s Bradley Hasemeyer found some tips for washday.


1. Zip up before you wash.

That way those zipper teeth aren’t exposed and won’t get caught on other fabrics while being washed or dried.


2. Down comforters and pillows should be washed twice.

The feathers can cause some of the detergent to get caught in between them so a second rinse cycle helps to make sure all the soap is gone.


3. Fabric softeners are not for all.

Don’t add fabric softeners to washes with towels or active wear.  It reduces their absorbency.


4. Go easy on the detergent.

People think more soap means a better clean, but actually using more than the recommended amount produces too many suds that can have the opposite effect.  They attract dirt and it gets in areas that don’t rinse clean.


Now you're ready to do laundry like a pro, and not like this lady below!


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Special thanks to Household Manager, Alexis Welch!