3 Unique Record Players that Make Vinyl More Fun

Posted at 4:17 PM, Jan 15, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-18 12:47:18-05

Vinyl is back!  And we’re not talking about the sticky seats at the bus station.  While some love the high quality sound others are dancing for joy about the new gear. The List's Teresa Strasser has 3 players that will bring you back and will sound great. 

1. A handcrafted wood record player by Silvan Audio Workshop.

Kent Walter started making turntables out of his house in Seattle.   “We’re making great sounding gear that looks amazing.  The is goal is that it looks just as good off as it sounds when it’s on.” – Walter.

The cost for one of these record players / art pieces is right around $900.00.  

2. The floating turntable

The Chicago based company , Gramovox, created a the vertical record player.

Pavan Bapu, the mastermind behind it said, “I’ve had tons of turn tables in my life and I’ve always been the weirdo standing above watching the records spin.”

This one will set you back $400.00.

3. Toc

Created by industrial designer, Roy Harpaz, this egg shaped player features a remote control, the ability to skip between tracks and comes with a USB port which allows you to transfer all your old records to a digital format.

It’s getting a ton of buzz online, but right now there is no word on how to buy one or the cost.