3 alternative workouts to get fit

Posted: 4:17 PM, Jan 28, 2016
Updated: 2016-01-29 11:42:45-05

Bored to tears by your gym workout?  Don’t sweat it. The List’s Donna Ruko has three new ways to get in shape. 


1.  Hypoxi 

You wear a suit that helps improve your circulation and when combined with low impact exercise like walking or riding a stationary bike you get to that stubborn fat, like on your abs, hips, or thighs.  Sessions start at $42. 


2. Body Blade

As you move the blade your body rapidly contracts and this flexing action gives, not only your arms, but also your core muscles a workout.  It starts at $59.


3. Power Risers

Jump your way into shape after you strap these to your feet!  After you master walking and move into running the extra effort will pay off as test results showed that it is five times more effective than jogging for muscle training.  They start at $259.


These workouts will get you fit and help you mix up your routine.


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