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You Can Now Buy Kit Kat Ice Cream At Walmart

Posted at 10:14 PM, Jun 09, 2019

How does ice cream go next level? By adding candy to it, of course! And now, Kit Kat lovers can scoop up their favorite candy bar whenever they like, without breaking out the ol’ ice cream maker, thanks to a new ice cream flavor available at Walmart. With summer around the corner, the timing for this sweet treat couldn’t be better. It’s time to spend more days outdoors in the summer heat, which means you’ll definitely need a cool treat to cool off with!

Everything you love about a Kit Kat bar is here in this new flavor. It all starts with a light but rich chocolate ice cream base. Then, there’s a wafer cookie swirl throughout the chocolate ice cream. Finally, real Kit Kat pieces add a crispy, chocolatey crunch. Your kitchen is about to become your happy place.

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The new Kit Kat flavor can be found in the freezer section of Walmart and looks to be available through the store’s online grocery option. So, getting your Kit Kat ice cream fix could be as easy as a point-and-click on Walmart’s official website.

And here’s some unexpected good news about the new Kit Kat flavor: It’s a lighter-calorie ice cream made with skim milk! This means you can indulge your chocolate and candy craving with a little less guilt. Each half-cup (4-ounce) serving is 170 calories, which means you can likely fit it in for a sweet treat even if you’re watching those calories.

This isn’t the first marriage of Kit Kats and ice cream. Earlier this year, Nestlé released a Kit Kat Drumstick ice cream treat. It’s a vanilla ice cream cone with a creamy fudge center covered by a hard chocolate shell and Kit Kat pieces. Instagram user Snackgator showed off the new snack when it debuted in January:

If you’re looking for these yummy Drumsticks, check out the ice cream aisle at Kroger!

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