Howell restaurant offers indoor dining defying state’s orders

Posted at 10:35 PM, Dec 19, 2020

A restaurant in Howell is defying the state’s order banning dine-in service and welcoming people for breakfast, lunch and dinner. “We’re not trying to ignore rules or say it’s not a real virus or anything like that.” says All Star Coney Island owner Jim Fillmore.

Jim says he’s proud of giving people in the area a safe atmosphere to come and eat, and he simply can’t afford to shut down during the pandemic, without losing his business. His doors re-opened Dec. 11th despite restrictions now extended again thru Jan 15th.

Currently, the restaurant employees 30 people and has been in the community for 18 years. “If they don’t open up, like others they lose the business and many then lose the house they live in.” says customer Alan Shevela.

The state is aware of All Star Coney Island’s indoor dining, but so far no action has been taken against them. We’ve reached out for comment, but so far have not heard back. In the meantime, Jim says other nearby restaurants are now reaching out to discuss following their lead.